Proof Coatings sealers, waterproofers and anti-graffiti shields offer an elite level of protection to keep your surfaces smooth, clean and unharmed. We value ourselves on our social responsibility of keeping our products eco-friendly. This is done by following all FDA guidelines to help keep your family, friends, pets and plants safe. Proof Coatings sells exclusively to consumers and contractors. By removing the middle man, we eliminate typical reseller and retail markup prices by directly selling to you. This allows us to give you, the consumer, a top tier eco-friendly product at cost efficient prices.

Without our product, surfaces such as wood decks, tile floors and asphalt driveways can wear with use and breakdown when in contact with the elements. Mold, mildew and efflorescence, in addition to chipping, cracking and peeling are just a few of the many effects of such exposure.